About Me…

DISCLAIMER: this is just another self-indulgent blog and personal space for my catharsis and deep, late-night ruminations, with a dash of quirk.

I am the type of person to quickly become impassioned after reading the news. There is often a disjuncture between my emotional response to an event and any deeply considered response, which I may arrive at days later. Hence, at the best of times, my biggest achievement is simply keeping my mouth shut. But I am unapologetic for this sort of response, which demonstrates that I am still, at very least, a human being.

In a society which is burdened heavily by a contemporary identity crisis, I am grateful for the brief moments of reflection I have, enjoyed over a warm pot of Earl Grey; or a dozen freshly-shucked oysters and a copy of my favourite conservative magazine, the Quadrant. At the tender age of 21, my life mantra is to develop your mind and expand your horizons, rather than engaging in self-depreciating thoughts. We only have one life; so we should at least make it a good one. I am obsessed with things that make me feel alive; such as travelling across the globe to sample exotic dishes, trekking through the rainforest and debating the nuances of feminism, late at night, with my other half.

I currently reside in a cute, little town house in Brisbane with my boyfriend and aspire to one day own a dachshund. I have put my double-degree in Law and International Relations on hold for a little while, to gain some insight into the real world.

Through this blog, I hope to discuss issues in law and current affairs, fashion and life.

Aside from having a busy schedule, I do hope to tackle the space-time continuum.


“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway


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